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Choosing art is not easy! Not only is there a huge range of styles, colours, formats and prices but it is also very personal - art either speaks to you or it doesn’t. In a business environment choosing something that is in keeping with the corporate colour scheme (and inoffensive to most people) is often the easiest solution and this is why you see so many abstract muted canvases in office foyers. But in your HOME there is so much more involved.

Need some help?

Here is my list to consider before choosing art for your home:

1. What room is it for – the entry way, the living room, the dining room or the master bedroom? This will influence who will see it ie who is the audience and this is important. A piece that works in your bedroom may not be what you want to look at whilst in your dining room.

2. What size do you want – is it a statement piece for a large wall or something to fill a small wall? You need to think about the scale and how much you want the piece to dominate the room.

3. What styles are you drawn to? Do you love aboriginal art, photographic prints, abstract, pop art or impressionist works?

4. Which orientation is going to suit best? Landscape, portrait or square?

5. Could you do a series? Maybe a diptych or triptych or just a series of black and white photos?

6. What colours will work best with your décor? Neutrals, brights, monochromatic or muted.

7. How should it be finished? no frame, shadow box, matt and frame and what colour?

8. What is your price point? Can you afford original art or are you better off looking at prints or would you be better off renting then changing the artwork as required

Some final words of wisdom

My friend Geoffrey Cassidy ( is an absolute expert on art - he previously worked as Head of Paintings for Sothebys Art Auctions then the Director of Artbank in Sydney and is now a private art advisor. I simply had to check in with him for some final words and this is what he said: “ buy what you love as everything that hangs in your home should give you pleasure however if you are looking at investment potential it may help to obtain professional advice. It can be hard to know where to start. Be brave.”

If you want to start exploring the plethora of works available then maybe it is time to subscribe to some local galleries so that you are kept up to date with new exhibitions. It can be a source of great joy to peruse new art with a glass of champagne in hand however if you prefer to just look online check out these sites as a starting point:

· (Original artworks)

· (Original and prints)

· (Prints only)

· (Rental art)

Happy hunting - just a warning though you may fall down the rabbit hole once you start looking!

If you would like some help let me know - drop me an email, send a text or give me a call.

Deborah Ross - M: 0411 878 732

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