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When I first take on a client who has never used a designer before I have found that they often have misconceptions about what the service involves. So I have decided to lift the lid and demystify my interior design process to make it easy for everyone to understand - feel free to share with your friends!

Step 1 – Exploratory phone call

When I first speak to a new client I ask a lot of questions about what it is that they want in order to discover whether it is a project that meshes with my services. For example – can I pull a complete look together for the whole home? Yes I can. Do I style for sale – no I don’t. Can I just specify what paint colours to use? Yes I can. Do I do structural work? No I don’t. Do I do commercial work? Yes I do. Sometimes I will provide a verbal quote as well if the job is simple.

Step 2 – Site Visit

If we both decide to move forward then we organise a time to meet on site (at the home). At this meeting we flesh out the details of what is required; style, colours, pieces of furniture, fittings as well as the budget. Often I will show images of rooms to further confirm the client preferences and also take measurements of rooms if applicable. Generally, this takes about 60-90 minutes. The meeting is followed up with a detailed written brief and a quote for my services.

Step 3 – Design Development

This is where the magic happens! I work on the theme , scheme and details of the project. Even if it is just a colour scheme there will be an overarching theme involved. Is it Mid-century, Hamptons or something like industrial or Modern Farmhouse.

If trades are required, I would also arrange quotes during this stage.

Step 4 – Presentation and Revision

Now is the time to meet again with the client and present the floor plan, mood boards and specifications for all items requested. In the case of colours only I provide A4 size samples as well as specifications for the painter. With kitchens and bathrooms I also present samples of tiles/cabinetry/ metals to be used.

This is the opportunity for the client to request changes eg love the overall scheme and most of the furniture but change the coffee table.

Step 5 – Final Presentation and Purchasing

Any changes required are made and final documentation sent to the client. If selections are being purchased via my trade accounts I request that they are paid in full prior to orders being made. I then arrange for delivery and installation.

Step 6 – Follow Up and Photos

During long processes the follow up is regular but with simple projects I check in at the end to ensure the end result is as expected. I also love to take photos and show “before and afters” – the difference is often extraordinary.

This little snapshot may have sparked more questions that it answered so if you need any more information feel free to give me a call or email me. No matter if you are looking for a single piece of furniture or doing a whole of home renovation, I am happy to assist.

Drop me an email, send a text or give me a call.

Deborah Ross - M: 0411 878 732

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