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In the wake of all the television shows, you tube videos and Instagram hacks I am often asked whether it still worthwhile engaging a professional interior designer. Naturally my answer is YES because I believe there are lots of reasons but here are my top 7.


A professional designer has years of training that encompasses elements and principles of design, colour theory, spatial planning. Interior schemes, soft furnishings and lighting, producing scale drawings and project co-ordination.

Wider choice

People “in the trade” have access to furniture, materials and accessories that the average consumer never sees. There are many showrooms that are simply not open to the public so they are hidden away from the big shopping centres.


If you hate the package look that many of the chain stores promote then a professional designer will create a bespoke scheme that is completely tailored to you with items that your friends will envy.

No Mistakes

You won’t make costly mistakes. Anyone that has ever bought a sofa only to find when it finally arrives that the colour or size is wrong would understand this concept. A designer will check and triple check the dimensions and colours for you to ensure that anything you purchase will be perfect.

Time Limitations

When you have your own job and a house to run do you really have time to source everything you need and produce a quality outcome?

No Arguments

Couples often find it easier to relay their thoughts to a third party rather than have a win / lose situation between them – it is well known that designers act as mediators and save relationships.

Save Money

Interior designers will have access trade discounts which can be substantial. Whether it’s a single item of furniture, a rug or a piece of artwork your designer can often get a better price. In my business I always split my discounts with my clients so everyone gets a wonderful result.

At the end of the day we all want to live in a beautiful environment so if you have a home project why not investigate how we can create something beautiful together.

Deborah Ross - M: 0411 878 732

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